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The brand new Diplomat Consul DC170 dental unit offers a unique combination of versatility, reliability and true value for money. It represents the culmination of Chirana Dental’s 50 years‘ experience in dental equipment manufacture and their commitment to innovation and quality.

What makes it different is its simple design but versatility - the wide range of possible configurations and adaptability to left or right conversion - as well as its modern, reliable electronics ensuring low-cost, fast service and maintenance.



  • Truly compact but simple with cutting edge technology

  • Units are chair-mounted with overhead delivery system

  • The five-position dentist's panel can be easily extended to a 6-position one - you can add an intraoral camera or polymerizing lamp, and so on

  • The Assistant’s panel is equipped with three-position holder

More Features:

Ability to add, integrate and extend:

  • Configure your unit with two sterilizable brushless MX2 or NLX motors. Thanks to the integrated Diplomat Electronics no cumbersome external power supplies or modules are needed.

  • Equip the Assistant's panel with a saliva ejector or with large/small aspirators

  • Wide range of accessories: removable side tray at the dentist's side, auxiliary light-console-mounted side tray-tables (single or double-dish), Neovo monitor, etc.

Choose what suits you best:

  • Spittoon block with swiveling bowl or with removable fixed bowl

  • Hand piece cooling adjustment system for all hand pieces or for the each separate hand piece

  • Separation and aspiration system: Cattani Water / Air, Cattani Amalgam Separator, Durr Wet Suction, etc

  • Choose your dental light: Sirius halogen light or new Diplomat Xenos LED light

Adjust and control:

  • Control your dental unit and chair using just one multifunctional foot controller UNO/NOK

  • Use a membrane keyboard for simple, intuitive operation.

  • Adjust the hand piece output using a control panel or a foot controller


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