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Go Trade Direct is proud to be able to offer Chiromega Dental Equipment.
These products are well known in Europe for their reliability and extraordinary price-quality ratio.
Their dental units can be customized to your needs and are engineered to be fully integrated.



  • Chair with turning body- together with the turning ceramic spittoon and the tilting armrest. This allows access to a patient from the left and makes hygiene and cleaning of the dental unit easier. The backrest is equipped with a mechanism which eliminates the so-called ‘take off’ effect and eliminates patient slides.

  • Easily detachable upholstery on armrest for maximum hygiene

  • Control panel with 5 memories for 5 different chair positions

  • Place for dentist stool

  • Metallic Pantographic arms with maintenance free gas spring and strong torsional rigidity

  • Operating lamp - designed for long life and easy cleaning on a metal-glass basis with a minimum. Alternatively, the is the possibility of installation of the diode operating lamp ‘Faro Alya’ with continuous regulation

  • Table with hoses delivered from above, designed for no collision between instruments guides and operating lamp.

  • Strong metallic multifunctional control foot pedal with high resistance against cleaning solutions and against mechanical damage.

  • Chair motors incorporating the powerful motors “LINAK“ for working with a patient weight up to 200kg

  • Autonomous air-water valve system

  • Autonomous water system joystick for chair and instruments

  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

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Optional Instruments Table


Chiromega optional instruments table
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Optional NSK Apex Locator


The NSK Advanced Digital Apex Locator has been developed to accurately measure the length of canals in all conditions, including dry, wet and where blood is present.
iPex guarantees security for canal interventions, and improves patient comfort, without exposure to radiation. The large high contrast LCD display provides instant measurements.
It can be fully integrated with the Chiromega dental unit and hand pieces on the dentist’s side.

Optional NSK Apex Locator
  • Instant accurate measurement of canal length

  • User friendly interface

  • Large Hi-contrast LCD screen for easy monitoring

  • Compact and smart design

  • Audible warning system

  • Auto power shut-off

  • AAA battery operation

  • Push-button type file clip for one-touch operation

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iPex Complete Set:

  • MODEL: iPex


  • Control unit

  • Probe

  • File clip (3 pcs.)

  • Lip hook (3 pcs.)

  • Extension cord

  • AAA manganese dry batteries (4 pcs)

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