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Dental surgery equipment from Chirana-Dental, supplier to GoTrade Direct Complete Dental Solutions  

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GoTrade is delighted to supply the Diplomat range produced by Chirana-Dental, the company committed to producing dental equipment of extremely high quality and cutting edge design, incorporating innovative technologies and sophisticated ergonomics. Their impressive track record is such that each year Chirana-Dental produces more than 2400 dental units, 2400 patient chairs and 3000 stools for their international market.
Chirana-Dental has been developing and producing dental equipment for more than 60 years with its team of specialists continuously striving to improve by building on the findings of the most up to the minute research into advanced technical and engineering solutions.
Particular priority has been given to the safety aspects and the principles of hygiene care for both the dentists and the patients. At the same time prime consideration has also been given to ergonomics to facilitate the dentistís work as well as the patientís comfort. Using the Diplomat equipment range procedures may be carried out both efficiently and effectively with the minimum stress and strain to the dentist and the patient.
As for aesthetics; our chairs and dental units are available in a variety of colours and can even match cabinetry to provide an effect which is pleasing to the eye.
And finally ... the Diplomat range is built with reliability and durability in mind. Combined with GoTrade expertise we provide a cost effective solution to your dental equipment requirements.
The Diplomat range comprises:

  • dental units (Diplomat Lux, Diplomat Consul and Diplomat Adept)

  • dental chairs (Diplomat DM10, DM10E, DE20, DM20)

  • stools for the dentist and the assistant (Diplomat D10L)

  • dental operating lamps (Sirius and the touch-free Xenos)

Chirana-Dental factory


Inside Chirana-Dental factory


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