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B Class Sterilizer : Whether the instruments and materials are solid, hollow, porous, wrapped or unwrapped, this process guarantees the quality of the sterilization on most different types of instruments and in the most complex of situations.

We are so confident of the safety of Cominox technology that we guarantee the safety of the SterilClave 6 B SPEEDY, compact, quick and providing greater flexibility and efficiency as well as the larger capacity SterilClave 18/24 B – BHD.





  • Large graphic display with 4 control buttons

  • Compact size, efficient square sterilization chamber and independent steam generator
    (SterilClave 6 B SPEEDY)

  • Automatic water charge, with double water fill option: from tank or mains water supply including
    Demineralization system (SterilClave 18/24 B - BHD)

  • Continuous direct drain

  • Six predefined sterilization cycles

  • Bowie & Dick Test cycle

  • Vacuum Test cycle

  • Special cycle, user-programmable, accessible through an access code or SterilCard

  • Print version available with built-in data printer

  • Card version available with SterilCard for user recognition and CominoxReader software to store cycles on a computer

  • Serial port for data transmission


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