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Panoramic X Ray

An intelligent panoramic imager featuring Morphology Recognition Technology and a 3D application

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MyRay Panoramic XRay



Hyperion features Morphology Recognition Technology (MRT) which automatically identifies patient size and all parameters required to ensure correct X-ray exposure.

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Myray Panoramic XRay


Stress-free experience

Allow your patient to stand still, while the laser-guided multi-motor kinematics positions itself in a matter of seconds.

The face-to-face approach makes it comfortable for both dentist and patient. Reassuring eye contact with your patient is possible at all times.

A fast scan reduces possibility of patient movement. 7.9 seconds for the child panoramic and just 9.2 seconds the adult panoramic.

Failsafe procedures

Via laser-guided multi-motor kinematics, Hyperion positions itself around your patient, reads the subject and scans accordingly.

No standardized single rotation axis. Each exam is personalized to give you utmost diagnostic precision.

With MRT technology there is no need to program exposure times or technical factors such as kV or mA levels, nor is it necessary to select patient build. Hyperion predicts your needs exactly.

X7 Cephalometric Teleradiography

The series X7 machines can host a teleradiography unit for anter-posterior, poster-anterior and lateral cranium scanning, including special projections such as the submentovertex.

The primary servo-controlled collimator allows the user to select the area to be exposed. The secondary collimator is concealed within the rotating section until emerging during scanning. The machines in the X7 series can house a relocatable sensor or two permanent sensors.

Virtual control panel

The virtual control panel, which can be installed on a PC, allows all diagnostic activities to be controlled from a workstation.For example, the user can link up a mini tablet-PC with touch screen to pilot the machine while comfortably positioned outside the X-ray area.Store images on a memory card or share them over your local network through the industry standard Ethernet.

15 diagnostic programs

  • Standard orthopanoramic or paediatric projections with automatic selection of correct morphology.

  • Frontal and lateral views of the maxillary sinuses and multi-angle lateral and posterior-anterior views of the temporo-mandibular joint.

  • Partial projections can be selected as a comfortable alternative to intra-oral images for patients with a strong gag reflex.

3DTS application

Hyperion’s additional three-dimensional 3DTS application enables you not only to view the panoramic image of the dentition, but once the 3DTS process is complete, you can also explore the third dimension related to a specific volume of the upper and lower jaw.

Inspection of surgical site

The selection of a region of interest is done within a rectangular area directly on a panoramic radiographic image of the patient in question, or by a template of an average patient. Field of view: 4x4x10cm.

Being able to glance through transversal slices of the area in question on a PC screen is extremely useful to whoever practices implantology, simply because it offers accurate radiographic data to work with, perfect for reliable (1:1) measurements, with the precision of 0.15mm pixel size.




Cone 3 beam 3D



Advanced CBCT radiology designed specifically for dentistry and providing new levels of comfort and absolute diagnostic precision.

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SkyView combines a cone beam X-ray source with a latest generation image intensifier in order to deliver high-definition 3D images with low X-ray doses.

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3D for dentists

With SkyView you can obtain three-dimensional reconstructions of teeth and the entire maxillofacial area.High-resolution images with a 9” or 6” field of view can be completed with a close-up zoom of a 4” diameter section.Images are completely free from geometric deformation, perfectly measurable with micrometric precision and reliable over time.

Safety and wellbeing

The high sensitivity of the image intensifier, the scan speed and the pulsed X-ray emission system ensure that X-ray doses are very low indeed.A natural, unhindered position means no claustrophobia or anxiety. With SkyView, the scanning experience is a pleasant one.SkyView can easily be installed in any dental surgery: X-ray screening requirements are comparable to those of a panoramic system.

Laser beam positioning and Scout method

The software-guided Scout procedure is extremely high-precision and involves the acquisition of two preview (Scout) X-ray images at extremely low dosages; these previews are used to identify the centre of volumetric reconstruction.

Above: New reclining chair for easy access

The new reclining patient chair is automatically lowered into the access position to make seating the patient easier; the patient’s head is supported by the comfortable headrest, a soft height-adjustable cushion designed to stabilise the cranium; then the chair stretches out to perform the quick X-ray examination.

Image quality and precision

The supine position gives the best possible degree of immobility without having to resort to constriction of the cranium, thus ensuring naturally enhanced image quality Thanks to Isotropic Voxels, measurements are reliable and on a 1:1 scale whatever the reference plane of the measured sections.. Simple, yet effective positioning procedures ensure the X-ray will never have to be repeated because of alignment errors.

Perfect data presentation

At the end of the acquisition/volumetric reconstruction procedure, the dentist will have multiple views of the patient’s anatomy: · a curvilinear cross-section that resembles the “panoramic” image· a moveable 3-D model· a coronal cross-section that allows exploration of the upper/lower dental arches· ten transverse cross-sections that are especially useful for the linear and angular measurements so often used with implants.



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